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Dating antique french clocks

It features two putti with musical instruments, one with double flute and the other playing the cymbals. The clock is suspended below a domed top which sits on 6 marble pillars with the sunburst pendulum swinging gently between. The bull stands proudly, crisply modelled in patinated bronze, upon a Rococo base of ormolu. It is of classic Rococo waisted keyhole shape, decorated with scrolls, flowing foliage and a shell motif. Japy Frères Sèvres Porcelain and Ormolu Boudoir Clock ~ French - Circa 1880 ~ ~~ Excellent condition ~~ A stunning boudoir clock, fine original gilt bronze mounted with lovely Sevres style porcelain, exquisitely decorated with a Bleu Celeste ground. of Paris ~ French - Circa 1860 ~ ~~ Excellent condition, fully overhauled ~~ A very fine and early Ormolu (finely gilded bronze) clock mounted with exquisite Sèvres style porcelain panels.

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Antique French Bronze, Ormolu and Marble Boudoir Clock Set ~ French - Circa 1880 ~ ~~ Excellent condition, fully overhauled ~~ A superb antique French boudoir clock, beautifully made in bronze and ormolu and mounted on white marble bases. The style is Baroque with goddess mask, mythical creatures and paw feet. Stunning asymmetric design with scrolling foliage and floral swags. Fine and Early Bronze and Sienna Marble ~ Horses, Mare with Foal ~ French - Circa 1820 ~ ~~ Excellent condition, fully overhauled ~~ A beautiful, original and early clock depicting a mare tending her foal. The lower panel is beautifully painted with a cherub carrying laurel wreaths. It is decorated with a cobalt blue background, the panel below the dial is delicately painted with a scene of a lady and a child amongst classical ruins. It features a beautifully modelled cavalier seated on a rocky outcrop, playing a guitar. ~ French - Circa 1890 ~ ~~ Excellent condition, fully overhauled ~~ A large and stunning original antique French clock set, beautifully modelled in gilt bronze in the Rococo style. Antique French Gilt Bronze Cartel Wall Clock ~ French - Circa 1880 ~ ~~ Excellent condition, fully overhauled ~~ A lovely Louis XVI style Antique French cartel clock.

It features a bronze cherub draping laurel wreaths over the clock which is mounted on a classical column. It is finely modelled in silver plated bronze, polished and matted, a beautiful and unusual variation on the more usual gilt bronze models. Beautifully and delicately modelled in bronze, full of life and movement with a lovely antique patina. Antique French Gilt Bronze Rococo Boudoir Clock ~ French - Circa 1860 ~ ~~ Excellent condition, fully overhauled ~~ A beautiful original Antique French Rococo clock in gilded bronze. The panel below the dial features a charming scene of a couple in a landscape. The original gilding is in glorious condition with a lovely golden glow. If is profusely decorated with 'C' scrolls and acanthus, the front is fretted to allow a glimpse of the pendulum swinging within. It is beautifully made in gilt bronze and features a window below the dial to allow the pendulum to be seen gently swinging within the case. ~ French - Circa 1880 ~ ~~ Excellent condition, fully overhauled ~~ A fine and elegant original antique French Louis XVI style clock set.

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Sienna marble is mounted with gilt metal and has a lovely figure. The movement is mounted in a drum on top of a reeded column. A superbly modelled bronze eagle carries the clock upon its back, perched upon a rock. To the top is a flaming finial, the candelabra have flaming snuffers to match. To each side of the dial are delicately painted panels showing a gentleman and lady in a country setting.