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Its former capital Yangon (Rangoon), the country’s largest city(pop.4.4m) is home to bustling markets, parks and lakes and the towering, gilded Shwedagon Pagoda which contains Buddhist relics dating back to the 6th century.

The new capital of Naypyidaw (pop.1m), purpose built and occupied since 2005, consists largely of military personnel of the governing junta.

Myanmar jadeite (jadeitite) is well known for its economical value and distinctive tectonic locality within the collisional belt between India and Eurasian plates.

However, it is less studied for its genesis and geodynamic implications due to precipitous topography, adverse weather and local military conflicts in the area.

He’s been to Myanmar/Burma 15 or 16 times since his first visit in 1993.

With somewhere between 4.5- and 5.5-million people, the city is surprisingly green, and retains a large stock of impressive Victorian buildings put up by the Brits.By means of combined ICP-MS and LA-MC-ICPMS techniques, we have carried out trace elements, U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotopes for zircon inclusions in a piece of jadeite gem sample.CL imaging suggests that the zircons are metasomatic in origin, and contain mineral inclusions of jadeite and omphacite.In my view, there is no place on Earth that can match its combination of natural beauty, magnificent temples and ruins, traditional trappings, and warm and gracious people.” All these places now have a reasonable number of tourist facilities suitable for discerning travelers.Burma is a big country but one you get a good sense of it at these places over a three- to four-week visit to the country.

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The Burman people make up 68% of the population, with the largest ethnic groups being Shan 9%, Karen 7%, Rakhine 4%, Chinese 3%, Mon 2%, Indian 2%, other 5%.