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Recent research has shown that the Illyrians living in Dalmatia during the Bronze Age and Iron Age may already have grown grapevines.However, the true beginning of grape cultivation and wine production in Croatia is related to the Ancient Greeks settlers, who arrived on the Croatian coast in the 5th century BC. Coins from the period have motifs related to grape cultivation and wine, demonstrating the importance of wine in the economics of the ancient Greek colonies.The second half of the inscription tells how Abbot Dobrovit built the church along with nine monks.It provides the only example of transition from Glagolitic of the rounded Bulgarian type to the angular Croatian alphabet.So if you want to meet someone in London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff, Birmingham, Exeter, Leicester, Coventry, or anywhere else in Britain, you can.If you're stateside, you can hook up with green singles in Chicago, Dallas, Denver, San Francisco, Manhattan, Boston, Seattle, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Washington or Portland, The possibilities are endless.Under the Roman Empire, the production of wine grew, becoming more organized. Artifacts from this time include stone presses from which wine was squeezed, amphoras from sunken Roman galleys, and decorations on numerous religious and household items bear witness to the wine-making culture.

Turkey listed as 'not free' Freedom House, the independent rights watchdog, says over 111,000 websites were blocked as of May last year, shortly after the coup attempt.The first step is to sign up for a profile, and validate it by responding to the confirmation email you will receive.Registration is free, and in a couple of minutes you will have access to a database of many thousands of people from around the world.Da tko poreče, nega ga prokune i Bog i 12 apostola i 4 evanđelista i sveta Lucija. I bijaše u te dane [župa sv.] Mikula u Otočcu sa [župom] svetom Lucijom zajedno.In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, I, abbot Držiha, wrote this concerning the land which Zvonimir, the Croatian king, gave in his days to St. And the witnesses [were] župan Desimir in Krbava, Martin in Lika, Piribineg in Vinodol and Yakov in Otok. I, abbot Dobrovit, built this church with nine of my brethren in the days of prince Cosmas who ruled over the entire province.

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Turkey issued a set of decrees Saturday, one announced the firing of 3,974 officials while the second imposed a ban on popular dating programs on Turkish television channels.

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