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"They were curious and wanted to see what was going on while they were swimming by," he told The Local.Orca sightings are not common in the region, even for those who spend a lot of time on the sea, Jonasson explained: "It was great getting to see them of course.Sea World has announced the birth of the last killer whale to be born at the theme park, just over a year after it decided to stop breeding orcas following animal rights protests and declining ticket sales.The Orlando-based company said the orca — the last in a generation of whales bred in confinement — was born on Wednesday afternoon.

We want to have more reproductive females in this population in the next decade or two.The park came under intense criticism following the 2013 documentary described the birth was a celebration because any whale birth is "extraordinary". It's a tempered celebration only because we're focused on the health of these guys.” Sea World has said it is phasing out its orca shows following years of criticism and falling attendance numbers, but activists have reportedly been unconvinced, with locations in San Antonio, Texas, and Orlando not expected to end their once popular orca shows until 2019.While filming a documentary in Arctic Norway, a photographer, world-champion kitesurfer and freediver had the experience of a lifetime — with wild killer whales.Fredrik Jonasson from Rossöhamn was out fishing for crayfish off Sweden's west coast last week when he noticed something unusual appearing in the water near the boat.It turned out to be around four or five orcas that had taken an interest in the boat.

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“What it means,” Balcomb said, “is there are nine more mouths to feed and no more fish.” He says it will be a miracle if all these babies survive until the summer of 2017.