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Zagrał także postać Romea w tragedii szekspirowskiej Romeo i Julia w Leatherhead, w hrabstwie Surrey oraz Waltera w przedstawieniu Mary Morgan na scenie Riverside Studios w Wielkim Londynie.

W 1988 roku związał się z Royal Shakespeare Company, gdzie wystąpił w spektaklach: The Constant Couple, Makbet, Burza, Człowiek, który przyszedł na obiad (The Man Who Came to Dinner) w podwójnej roli Gene’a Saksa i Barbicana oraz Król Lear jako Edgar.

" kind of attitude) and definitely left the door wide open as to the possibility of having further penisex adventures.

What was the deal with him being replaced by Hugo Weaving as "V"?

He claims he gets sexually excited for women once in a while, but he'll never have sex with women again. He sounds like the typical straight male chauvinist pig! Seeing he and Kevin Mc Kidd together like that after having scene them in "Rome" just blew me away. He's a pretty good teacher/director, but he comes across as a bit douchey in person. Another three are the aforementioned Kevin Mc KIdd who should be doing much more than replacing in Grey's Anatomy and his hunky pal from Rome Ray Whatshisname and finaly Jason Omara (loved him as the footman in Berkeley Square! They all seem to go from prestigious British projects to US trash films and TV.

He said he’ll lean more straight if women are this ridiculous image he has. In fact, he is worse than straight males.[quote]Is Tom Hollander openly gay? Very bitter about his relative lack of career success. The play was fabulous - it has a great poster (see Google Images) and I enjoyed it.

I don't think he's gay at all, he certainly gave an interview when Rev came out where he was asked and he said no. Personally I think most actors (I don't mean famous actors, just actors in general) would kill for his career, but he seems bitter that he's not Colin Firth. Very emotional too, but English actress Sheridan Smith walked away with the acting honours.

James Purefoy co-stars with Reese Witherspoon in the period film Vanity Fair.

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Sensitive female body purefoy dating space for the ongoing construction and negotiation of a word, love to start my day addict is usually last wednesday in case.

He played Marc Anthony in "Rome" and Reese Witherspoon's husband in "Vanity Fair".

I just watched an older British movie called "Bedrooms & Hallways" and he was the love interest of his "Rome" co-star, Kevin Kidd (the strawberry blonde soldier). Yes, in an interview - it may have been with OUT Magazine - he talked about having homosex in his school (with a "didn't everyone in private boys schools?

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